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How to Recruit and Keep the Next Generation of Construction Workers

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Staff shortages are a significant problem that construction companies must face. Many companies find it challenging to keep their employees filled with workers. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 396,000 jobs were open in March 2022, an increase from the 383,000 job openings reported between January and February of the same year.

A recent survey by Associated General Contractors of America suggests that construction companies are experiencing problems filling craft worker and salaried positions. At the same time, 74% of the companies expect to add headcounts over twelve months. Almost 90% are having trouble filling vacant positions, particularly bricklayers and pipelayers, which are at the top of the list of most difficult positions.

The biggest challenge that businesses face is finding competent employees. There are not enough qualified people to fill all vacant jobs. Because skilled employees won’t just appear out of the blue, construction companies must alter their strategies to recruit and educate the next generation of employees.

The shortage of labor has to be tackled head-on. It isn’t going to improve with time. As more workers age, fewer young ones are hired to replace them. Construction companies might need to change how they do things to keep and get the best workers.

  • Reach Out Locally

The construction industry isn’t necessarily experiencing a surge in interest recently. To spark interest, try reaching children at junior high and high school and introducing them to the world of work. Offering summer internships or jobs for students in high school could be a good way to spark curiosity about the construction field.

National programs like ACE Mentor Programs of America and YouthBuild USA are great ways for businesses to get involved with young people and teach them about the construction industry. Suppose there’s not a local program in your community. Why not make one or support a different program that helps people get jobs in construction?

Don’t forget the local community colleges and universities when you are looking for potential candidates. Participate in career days or job fairs to attract local people. Offering co-ops and internships are an excellent way to advertise your business and attract new workers. You can also partner with these institutions by making apprenticeship programs.

  • Competitive Pay & Benefits

Are you providing competitive wages and benefits to prospective new employees? Does how you run your business create an environment where people from different backgrounds feel welcome?

Family vacations paid time off, health and wellness programs such as 401Ks, medical insurance, and flexible scheduling are now standard benefits offered by many companies nowadays. Employers need to give their workers more than just a paycheck if they want them to stay with the company and build a successful career there.

  • Tout Your Safety Culture

Suppose your construction company has an excellent safety culture or track record that can be utilized to hire new employees. In that case, safety should be your first focus. When you hire new employees, a strong safety culture shows you are committed to keeping them safe. It also shows that the well-being of your employees is important to you, which leads to a higher retention rate.

  • Provide Career Paths

Does your company offer employees at all levels ways to move up and career opportunities? Employees want to know that they have the opportunity to advance as their experiences and experience increase. Work with employees to determine their career goals and ways you can support them in reaching them.

Assist employees in identifying any other education, training, or work experience they may need. Then, create a timetable with the key milestones. Also, needed to assist them in achieving their goals in the workplace. When making this path for each employee, you should consider what your company can do to help them succeed. It could include internal training programs, chances to work with a mentor, and paying for employees’ schooling if they need to learn more.

Career paths are a fantastic method to keep employees in the company and ensure they remain within your organization. But it could be a good way to get new employees if it shows that you want to promote people from within.

  • Provide Training

Continuous training is an advantage that employees and companies can benefit from. If you provide learning opportunities to employees, You demonstrate your commitment to their professional development. Keep employees by giving them the training to help them reach their goals and stay with the company. Attaining their professional goals.

Continuous learning can keep your employees engaged and motivated. Cross-training is a great method to train employees in various aspects of the business. At the same time, ensuring employees can handle various jobs when there are labor shortages.

  • Differentiate Yourself & Never Stop Recruiting

What is it that sets your construction business distinct from the rest? Employing advanced technologies such as drones, BIM, and mobile apps could be leveraged to draw skilled workers. Employing competitive benefits and pay, as well as career opportunities and safety, are advantages you can leverage to attract top talent and keep them.

If the lack of skilled labor is an issue for your company, put more effort and money into recruiting. Think about enlisting an agency’s help for recruitment specialized in construction-related work. Always watch for new ways to diversify your business and bring new employees to your company.

Do not only consider what you will need for the upcoming project for months. Evaluate your job requirements in the next five years to guarantee that you can establish an effective team and hire individuals to advance your firm.