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How Much Do Drywallers Make In Phoenix?

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In residential, commercial, and other forms of construction, the drywall installer and taper will fasten drywall panels inside and get the drywall ready for painting or finishing.

Here’s what a drywaller does: measures and cuts the drywall panel to fit inside and around particular openings like doors, windows, electrical outlets, and lighting fixtures, attaches drywall panels to metal or wood studs, uses drywall compound to conceal and fill in cracks, holes, and other flaws, applies drywall tape when the joint compound has dried, and then sand it, produces textured surfaces, and does further relevant tasks as required.

Significance of Drywallers

The process of installing drywall has a steep learning curve. So save your time and aggravation of attempting to install it yourself. Professionals frequently have years of trial and error behind them. Additionally, you can gain from their expertise.

Professional drywallers know the best methods for hanging sheets straight and in alignment. Additionally, they know the ideal techniques for securing it to various types of wall materials. Instead of laboring to finish your drywall installation, you would spend significant time investigating these techniques.

Also, you would want the task done skillfully, given your investment in your drywall. Because of shoddy installation, you don’t want to constantly replace or make repairs to sheets. An expert guarantees an installation that will withstand the test of time.

Large difficulties might result from improper drywall mounting. The entire wall may become weak as a result. And it will make the area unstable, making even typical wear and tear likely to cause serious harm. Even seemingly unimportant things, like photo frames, might harm drywall that was not placed properly. 

Long-term stability depends on using the right method. The most effective ways to fasten drywall boards to hard surfaces like concrete are known to experts. And be aware of the screws or anchors.

The Process of Becoming a Drywaller 

Candidates must pass the A-12 (CR-80) exam. In addition, candidates must also have four years of documented experience and pass the Arizona Business Management Exam. Bonds are necessary for all contractors. The license type determines the sum and the volume of work performed annually.

Salaries of a Drywaller in Phoenix, Arizona

As of September 26, 2022, the average income for a Drywall Installer in Phoenix, Arizona, is $49,751. However, the range is often between $41,220 and $60,124. Salary ranges can vary a lot, depending on things like education, experience, and other skills you may have that aren’t related to your area of expertise. provides more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, which enables you to determine your specific pay target.

You Should Know

The multi-year project’s conclusion is near when the Drywall Contractor’s job is finished, and a building begins to resemble a building. This project stage is crucial since the owner can see the drywall contractor’s work the best and pass the most judgment on it.