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Decide How Much You Earn, Only With Abelmkr 

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The ability to be successful in the construction field typically requires long, challenging, and hazardous work. This is why, thanks to our latest release, skilled contractors who have been in the industry for a long time can now decide on the amount they are paid. 

There is a vast need for contractors with an elevated skill level. The most skilled contractors today can decide how much they will be paid and what they should be paid. 

Before this update, it was possible to have a “set pay rate” for every level of trade ability. The pay was not able to be increased or decreased for skilled contractors. They also were not able to negotiate their hourly pay rate with businesses. 

The landscape has changed. The first-time skilled contractor can recommend an hourly rate before working on a job through Abelmkr. This has not been seen before in the construction industry up to the present. 

Any worker with at least two years of experience in a trade can now recommend an increased hourly rate. This allows skilled contractors on the Abelmkr platform the power to make more money. 

This is just one of many that will improve the Abelmkr platform as a more effective solution for skilled contractors to find projects to tackle. Currently, this feature is only available to contractors with at least two years of experience in the capable trade field. Our experts must confirm their skills. 

How can a contractor with experience offer hourly rates? 

First-time experts can offer a higher rate of pay with $1 increments. A highly skilled contractor can negotiate their payment and earn more on Abelmkr. 

When homeowners do projects on the platform Abelmkr, Some need two or more years of experience in a specific trade. When a highly skilled contractor can be matched to a project which matches their ability and experience, they may recommend a higher price. 

When you are experienced, contractors who are on the Abelmkr platform will be able to see your rates suggested by you. Once a homeowner has reviewed your profile, experiences, and preferences, they can accept the hourly rate you have determined for the job. 

“screenshot of rates on the platform”

These screenshots highlight a highly skilled Plumber who can suggest their hourly rates for a job. In this case, the Plumber holds the C-37 license. As a result, their hourly rate begins at a higher level than others. 

Skilled contractors will be able to notice the “$ BID” icon on projects that require people with at least two years of experience. 

The option of recommending hourly rates for projects is brand new and only accessible through the Abelmkr application. While this feature is restricted to contractors with at least two years of experience, we plan to expand and enhance this feature for other Abelmkr customers. 

Skilled contractors could earn more from Abelmkr. 

A career in construction can be an exciting one. With many years spent in the highly skilled trade, your skills are in high demand in construction. It is easy to understand that your earnings must align with your expertise. 

With this version, you will be more likely to grow the amount you earn when using the Abelmkr application.