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ABLEMKR Customer Story

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As one of Utah’s largest contractors, CVE Tech performs electrical work across the nation, and around the world. They pride themselves on the integrity of their team, craftsmanship, and diverse capabilities. With 2000+ employees, projects in 22+ countries, and 100+ years of experience, CVE Tech knows the challenges in growing a business for the long term.

The Problem

The Wireless Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) division regularly leverages temporary workers to fulfill their project requirements. The challenges with current providers, however, are twofold:

  1. There is no guarantee of the quality of skills provided by current temporary workers or staffing companies. They may have people on hand, but do they meet the technical requirements of the contractor?
  2. When workers are provided through current staffing companies, CVE Tech often has to wait weeks or sometimes even months before invoices for the workers are provided. The impact of this delay
    on CVE Tech is that costs associated with jobs are not properly tracked, and late understanding of costs creates reconciliation issues and headaches in closing out the jobs properly.

The Solution

ABLEMKR delivered CVE Tech the workers it needed, with an estimated 20% improvement in the quality of people
on the job, and real-time invoicing and transparency on the costs of the workers- every week.

Key Benefits for CVE Tech:

  1. The pipeline of quality workers is guaranteed, and CVE Tech gets to “try before they buy” on potentially moving temporary workers into full-time roles.
  2. The ebb and flow of work can be more easily managed, as temporary workers can be scaled up or down as jobs dictate.
  3. CVE Tech can deliver better and faster service to customers, as ABLEMKR streamlines the approach to hiring.
  4. Proper job costing is easily managed and understood, ensuring the business runs efficiently and profitably.

It’s a WIN-WIN for CVE Tech- the right workers at the right cost and full transparency at every step!