Electrician Phoenix, Arizona

ABLEMKR: A Direct Way to Hire An Electrician in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you looking for a way to hire an electrician in Phoenix, Arizona without internal payroll hassles? ABLEMKR reduces your costs and scales your workforce at the same time. Let us help you solve any of your manpower issues with our fast efficient app.


We are the first automated platform that is solely focused completely on construction. If you are a business or contractor suffering through the headaches of using a temporary agency, you deserve a better solution.

Our app connects you with the kind of qualified workers you need when you need them. Our process is quick and easy. Here’s all you need to do to get started filling your electrician staffing requirements.

  1. Just complete your profile on our app.
  2. You’ll be automatically matched with credible and reliable workers. Or, you can sort through them manually.
  3. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of getting the job done right the first time.

Beyond these simple steps there are other good reasons to use ABLEMKR.

Why Hire An Electrician in Phoenix, Arizona Through Us?

You’ll get to choose from a big pool of available workers. Most contractors aren’t aware of the fact there are 20 million temporary workers available every year across the United States. Research also points to the fact that 72% of American construction firms are anticipating labor shortages.

What’s more, one in five construction workers find their work or get hired through a staffing agency. We help you take advantage of the large pool of available matches with a streamlined flexible process.

ABLEMKR cuts out the middleman so you get the workers you need on demand. We are also transparent offering detailed job postings, applicant ratings and a no surprise structure for payments.

Just a Few Clicks

We’re also convenient. With just a few clicks you can post jobs anywhere anytime. You can pay the people you hire with the same fast streamlined efficient process. Our system offers flexible staffing solutions without any internal payroll hassles.

Let us help you find an electrician in Phoenix, Arizona that checks all the boxes. Find candidates through us that have all the right technical knowledge about important elements like circuits, wiring and electrical systems. Let us match you up with the right candidate who has the right industry experience for the work that you need done. Your staffing requirements just got a lot easier. Download our free app and get started today.